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KRM M60W Trend
KRM M60W Trend
KRM M60W Trend
KRM M60W Trend
KRM M60W Trend
KRM M60W Trend
KRM M60W Trend

The KRM M60W Trend is the companies flagship machine with capacities up to 5500 litres and spread widths up to 42m. The 6ton payload makes this machine the largest mounted machine on the market, it comes as standard with weigh cell and inteligent control.


All KRM spreaders are positively bristling with innovative features to ensure the machine is simple to use, easy to set, gives an accurate application rate and spread pattern and stands the test of time.

High Specification As Standard

All KRM M-Line machines are now supplied with folding hopper covers and lights as standard. Fully sealed (IP69-K), water and dust proof LED lights are integrated in to a large reflector ensuring the machine is easy to see day or night. Light in colour, the hopper covers allow light into the machine so the contents can be easily assessed, whilst the simple stainless steel catch and large opening lever make for easy operation.

Air Stream For Wider Spread

All new guarding for the spreading disc's has been developed to improve material flow on the spreading disc's. Research has led to the addition of louvered vents in the top guard to control the air stream, this ensures fertiliser is guided correctly into the vanes improving spreading performance, particularly at wider working widths. The graph below shows a 2m increase in overall width for a machine fitted with the revised guarding.

Five Position Hopper Base

In the new "Max" setting KRM M-line spreaders are able to handle flow rates of up to 650kg/min! If spreading at 36m, this allows a rate of 500kg/ha at 20km/h. The machine also comes as standard with special settings which optimize flow through the machine and drop on point for lower application rates. These are easily selected by simply twisting a plate at the base of the hopper, a special tool is supplied to further ease the process.

Double Shutter

Rather than a single outlet all KRM machines utilize a patented double shutter design. This ensures that, as the opening increases in size the drop on point at which the fertiliser hits the disc remains constant. Therefore when changing application rate it is not necessary to alter any machine settings. This simplifies machine setting on all models and is an essential feature on any machine fitted with electronic controls and using variable application rates and forward speeds.

Adaptable Agitator

All KRM fertiliser spreaders feature the same unique agitator design. The agitator is mounted eccentrically above the disc and relies entirely on the resistance of the fertiliser to make it ossolate. Therefore if a light material such as urea is in the hopper the resistance will be low and the agitation will be gentle and avoid powdering the material. Equally if a heavy material such as potash is in the hopper the agitator is forced to ossolate hard and ensures good agitation and even flow on to the disc.

Flow control, Blockage prevention

To ensure the same flow of material through the outlet is maintained regardless of the weight of material in the hopper a cone is mounted below the screens. The cone also prevents fertiliser packing around the agitator during transport. Hopper screens are standard on all KRM spreaders and prevent lumps of material or foreign objects blocking the shutters.

Fast Emptying

Each spreading disc has a simple to remove plate which allows material to flow straight through the disc and into a receptacle below. Either or both sides of the hopper can be emptied in this way.

Simple Calibration

For machines without our fully automatic weigh cell system a simple calibration kit is supplied as standard. The S Indicator kit includes a calibration funnel fitted with a special shutter to emulate flow through the machine, a stopwatch to time the 30 second test period and a set of digital scales to weigh the amount collected. This simple test can be carried out away from the machine allowing it to be done at a convenient time.

Fertiliser Test Kit

This kit takes the guess work out of spreader setting, allowing anyone to check the specification of each material being applied. The kit contains an easy to use hardness tester and a sieve set, this information can be entered directly into the smartphone app or into the KRM or Bogballe website and a spread chart is recommended.

Standard on all electronic spreaders

Fully Sealed Clutch

Our unique fully sealed and maintenance free slip clutch protects the machines transmission. All KRM spreaders come with a 2 year gearbox warranty. Recently upgraded to 350Nm the drive line has the capacity to handle 650kg/min.

Spread Testing

Bogballe have their own fully automatic test hall located at their factory. This is used to ensure the accuracy of the comprehensive spread charts supplied with each machine. KRM regularly send large loads of UK fertiliser to Denmark for tray testing as materials can alter in their characteristics. During recent testing with Nitram a coefficient of variation of 6.1% was achieved using an M2 spreader at 36m - an excellent result which demonstrates the capability of our system.

Improved Access

To ensure ease of access for servicing and cleaning the M-Line chassis has been completely re-designed. Access is improved by hinged guarding, fold down lights and slide out mud guards. Openings in the chassis and specially designed ports direct the jet of water from a pressure washer to those previously hard to reach areas.

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