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New Holland Roll Baler

Roll Baler evolution that puts you ahead

The new fixed chamber Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi models and existing Roll Baler 135 Ultra offer livestock farm and contract operators the best choice in fixed chamber baling. Rugged build and overall simplicity are matched to excellent performance in the most demanding of conditions. The new Roll Baler 125 models have significant developments to enhance performance and ease of operation and represent a significant advance. Easily distinguished by new styling, the Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi will be the first choice for those looking at a baler suited to working heavy crops in demanding conditions. The Roll Baler 135 Ultra produces a larger 1.35m diameter bale and benefits from an alternative electro-hydraulic bale density system. Well-proven and favoured by those seeking to produce a larger diameter dense bale, the Roll Baler 135 Ultra is outlined on pages 22 to 23. Key developments for the new Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi include.

New, wider New Holland pick-up
Using the main components from the New Holland BigBaler and Roll Belt balers models, the latest Roll Baler 125 models feature a large 2.3m wide pick-up (Roll Baler 135 Ultra has a 2.2m pick-up). An improved roller windguard from the BigBaler range is fitted, with a choice of removable fixed or swivel wheels that can be stowed on the pick-up for transport.

New drop floor & rotor declutch
A wide opening drop floor is now fitted to Roll Baler 125 models. Activated from the tractor cab, the drop floor has a unique pivot design that lowers to 120mm at the front and 60mm to the rear. The rotor declutch feature enables you to hydraulically disengage drive to the rotor and pick-up in the event of a serious blockage. These two systems combined reduce blockage downtime to a minimum and help you remain productive in the most challenging conditions.

Group knife selection
Roll Baler 125 models have 20 knives for ultimate chopping performance. The operator can now choose to manually select 10 knives, switching between Set A and Set B without having to stop to sharpen the blades.

Automatic knife retraction for a smoother bale
As the bale nears completion, the knives can be set to retract for the final layer. This results in a smother surface, better rainfastness, and helps improve the bales integrity for wrapping.

Automatic knife cleaning and individual blade protection
On the Roll Baler 125 Combi, the knives are automatically raised and lowered every time the bale chamber is opened. This simple action ensures the knives are kept clean and ready for use when next needed. Each individual blade is protected from damage in work.

High strength roller design
Roll Baler 125 models are now fitted with 18 high strength, cold formed rollers featuring a new surface profile, to ensure positive bale rotation, reduced losses and higher bale density. There are no welds on the roller surface for a smooth passage of material in the bale chamber and to ensure net or film is not damaged during wrapping.

Roll Baler 125 models have full ISOBUS connectivity to compatible tractors. A large 26.4cm, New Holland IntelliView™ IV touch screen monitor can be specified to operate with non-ISOBUS tractors. The Roll Baler 135 Ultra continues to be offered with a standard terminal.

All new look
Both Roll Baler 125 models have been completely restyled, with new panels offering improved service access. Under their sleek new look, the Roll Baler 125 models have even more features for better performance, reduced maintenance and increased longevity.


Roll Baler 125
Bale diameter (cm) 125
Bale width (cm) 122
Width (cm) 230
Number of tines / tine bars 160 / 5

Roll Baler 125 Combi
Bale diameter (cm) 125
Bale width (cm) 122
Width (cm) 230
Number of tines / tine bars 160 / 5

Roll Baler 135 Ultra
Bale diameter (cm) 135
Bale width (cm) 122
Width (cm) 220
Number of tines / tine bars 150 / 5

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