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Spearhead Twiga Orbital

Seeing is believing when you discover the Twiga Orbital series at work. The innovative design helps cut costs and time spectacularly with the flexibility to cut on both sides of the machine. Innovative 180 degree slew enables the operator to mow either side of the tractor cab, with switching possible even whilst on the move. There are no pins to remove or no unhitching, thus reducing the time lost when travelling between passes.

Power is delivered standard by an 80hp fully independent piston hydraulic system which allows exceptional performance in intensive grass mowing applications. Available with standard sideways reach options of 6.0 and 6.8 metres, the Twiga Orbital series is further complimented by 7.2 and 8.3 metre telescopic versions.

Precision Proportional controls are fitted as standard delivering the best in reliability and comfort throughout the working day. Parallel arm action is fitted as standard and makes the Twiga Orbital series simple to use as the arm geometry maintains the same cutting head angle as it moves in and out.

Safety protection is offered in the form of a hydraulic break out ram which when activated lifts the cutting head clear of obstructions and automatically returns it once the obstruction has been cleared. The Twiga Orbital series is the choice of the grass mowing professional designed to handle the toughest of jobs at the verge or on the embankment.


  • 6.0, 6.8, 7.2 and 8.3 metre reach options
  • 120hp minimum tractor requirement
  • Three point linkage or axle bracket mounting
  • Parallel arm geometry
  • Fully independent 80hp hydraulic system
  • 230 litre oil capacity
  • Hydraulic safety breakout
  • Rear lighting kit
  • Ability to cut either side of the machine
  • Choice of cutting heads and attachments
  • Autopilot controls (optional extra)
  • Hydraulic wheel kit (optional extra)

Control options

HP2 hydraulic proportional controls

Standard fitting on the TWIGA Orbital is the classic HP2 low pressure oil over oil hydraulic proportional control system. Ergonomically arranged for logical directional movement and based on technology used widely in the construction industry the HP2 offers simultaneous operation for all services in one convenient package.

Defined by a reliability proven through years of service on the Spearhead Range the HP2 system is the only single lever system you will ever need and will keep you working comfortably long after your competitors.

Attachment options


The Twiga Orbital is available with the DP Flailhead which has a 1.2m / 4′ cutting width, belt drive, twin lug rotor and adjustable front hood as standard.

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